Schechter Experience

The Arts

Visual Arts

Visual art is an integral part of education and the social and emotional health of each child. Art at Schechter encourages an individual sense of identity, leading students to develop as creative and thoughtful individuals. Throughout their years at Schechter, students will learn various technical skills through the exploration of different mediums and materials. Often, art is integrated into classroom learning to enhance and deepen the scope of a unit.

Younger students begin by experimenting with simple materials and techniques such as, watercolor on wet paper and dry paper, blending pastels and using negative space. As students grow, they also begin to deepen their appreciation for different artists and art mediums, discussing elements of various compositions and what they communicate. Using that knowledge and exploring various innovations in the world, the students create new compositions, modifying and modernizing elements to make them more relevant and relatable to the world today. Students also study how art is used to enhance the environment around them. They examine the impact of graffiti and various art in society. Eighth-grade students “leave their mark” on the Schechter Kehillah by creating wall tiles that represent a personal connection to their Schechter experience.

Early Childhood and 1-2 & 3-4 Kehillot Music

Music is everywhere at Schechter - in Tefillah, classrooms, milestone ceremonies and Shabbat ReLish. Our Early Childhood Music Program provides students with a fundamental understanding of the basics of music and a feeling of the joy that music brings to enhance our Jewish experience.

Incorporating both the Orff and Dalcroze methodologies of music education, our students begin to develop a physical awareness, personal expression and experience of music while using all of their senses. Younger students in our Early Childhood program engage in musical dramatization of classical Israeli folk stories which immerse them in the early study of rhythm, movement and musical sounds. 

As students move into the 1-4 Kehillot, they learn the fundamentals of music theory through interactive lessons focused on playing together on a variety of instruments allowing students to connect to one another and enjoy the powerful effect of playing in symphony. 

Moving to the rhythm of calendar year, music theory is weaved into lessons rich with the music and dances of the Jewish experience, building familiarity with songs and prayers that will mark Shabbat Celebrations, Hanukkah Zemirot and milestone Schechter Siddur, Humash and Havdalah ceremonies.

Middle School Music

In 5-8 Kehillot music, our goal is to foster a love of music and artistic expression. We expose students to many genres and time periods of music, as well as learn Hebrew songs in preparation for Hagim and their eighth-grade Israel Encounter. Singing connects, unites and inspires us as a local and global community, and our voice is our first instrument.

We build upon the fundamentals of music learned in Early Childhood through fourth grade and step into a focus of music literacy, music history and active listening.

Using instruments like ukuleles, keyboards/piano, guitar and bucket drums, students sing as a class and accompany themselves with basic chord progressions. Through theater arts games and improvisation, students participate as an ensemble and reach out of their comfort zone on a regular basis.

In the fifth-grade, students participate in the Carnegie Hall LinkUP! program and in grades six through eight, students begin to compose their own music using Garageband and XYLO. Exploration and creativity are encouraged as students are invited to showcase their talents through concerts, showcases, and Tikkun Olam opportunities throughout the year.
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