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דור המחר, העתיד שלנו

World-Class Academics

מצויינות אקדמית

Schechter students are encouraged to ask questions, stretch their imaginations, and take academic risks. Through our inquiry-based approach, students learn to think critically about complex local and global problems.


Learn how teaching violin and chess sets young students on a path for academic success


Read how our research-grade microscopes enrich science education for all ages


Explore how Schechter uses its organic teaching garden to inspire students

Joyful Judaism

יהדות באושר

Through interactive text study, an engaging Hebrew language program, and interdisciplinary curriculum, students fall in love with their Jewish heritage and the State of Israel.


Discover how students “take ownership” of their prayers (tefilah), equipping them with Jewish skills for life


Watch our interactive, pre-Shabbat pep rally – ReLiSh (Ruah Lifnai Shabbat)


Experience the culminating journey of our eighth-grade Encounter in Israel and Poland

Strong Moral Compass

עקרון מוסרי איתן

Learning to be a “mensch”, or good person, is a core value. Our students give back to their communities through activities that instill the Jewish values of tzedakah (charity) and tikkun olam (repairing the world).


Find out how environmental conservation and daily acts of kindness teach students to make our world a better place


Read how Schechter inspired a student to be an “upstander” against child slavery


C-SPAN StudentCam Competition: Schechter’s Award-Winning Videos

Warm Inclusive Community

קהילה חמה ותומכת

Our diverse community extends beyond our school walls. Students, parents, grandparents and alumni become an integral and enduring part of Schechter.


Explore the diversity of our community and how families found Schechter #WeFoundSchechter


Learn about our community programs in the Morris and Ruth Kotek z”l Holocaust and Heritage Resource Center and parent workshops

Carry On

See how our alumni stay connected and return with the next-generation Schechter students.

Why is Everyone Talking About Schechter?

Discover how Schechter education nurtures independent thinkers and creates a warm, inclusive community for you and your child.

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