Bruchim Ha'baim - Welcome

Welcome to Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County, a vibrant, joyful and ambitious Jewish day school; a passionate and engaged community built on core Jewish values and student-centered learning.
At Schechter Bergen, our goal is to help children acquire the essential skills they need to live a purposeful, meaningful Jewish life, and to be prepared for a world that is ever-changing economically, socially and politically. The challenges we are facing today and will face in the future are complex, with economic, ethical and environmental implications. At Schechter we believe that children want and need to engage in authentic learning experiences — that students who are challenged to develop their creativity, think critically, collaborate, communicate effectively, learn how to learn and develop the ability to adapt throughout their lives, will inherit the future.

Our passion and mission is to “inspire our students to be engaged, independent learners who embrace Jewish values and practices and strive with confidence and compassion to better the world.”

Beginning with the Early Childhood program, Schechter seamlessly incorporates Jewish ethics and values into the lives of our students. From the way our students treat each other to how they help those in the community and around the world, Schechter emphasizes the importance of being a good person, an active community member, and a strong and resilient student.

As an academic community open and welcoming to children from every Jewish affiliation, Schechter is committed to preserving our Jewish people and our Kehillah Kedosha (Sacred Community). This is accomplished through a rich and meaningful Jewish education and a hands-on, vigorous General education brought to life by a talented, deeply devoted teaching staff. In support of this mission, Schechter provides academic and financial assistance to families.

I’m honored and privileged to invite you to explore Schechter Bergen’s website. However, no matter how creative and innovative, a website cannot provide the vivid experience a visit to our beautiful campus can bring. We invite you to see our school, experience the warmth of our Kehillah, and observe first-hand the dynamic and exciting educational journey that occurs each and every day.


Steve Freedman
Head of School
275 McKinley Ave. | New Milford, NJ 07646 | Phone: 201-262-9898 | Fax: 201-262-3026 | info@ssdsbergen.org