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"הוֹאִיל וֶהֶיוֹת הַגוּף בָּרִיא וְשָׁלֵם, מִדַּרְכֵי הַשֵּׁם הוּא"
רמב“ם משׁנה תוֹרה הלכוֹת דעוֹת ד:א -

"When keeping the body in health and vigor, one walks in the way of God."
- Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Deot 4:1


The Schechter Bergen Athletics program offers a rewarding experience and develops the athletic potential of all our students. Our program promotes the importance of lifelong physical fitness and supports our community commitment to the social-emotional and physical wellness of our students. Through the curriculum, students are encouraged to develop a sense of positive sportsmanship, integrity, values, ethics, and derekh eretz and to display these qualities on and off the field.

Children ages three through Eighth Grade take part in a well-balanced physical and health education curriculum. Our fitness curriculum explores cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength, as well as the importance of flexibility. Students engage in various fitness games that are fun and also help them improve their overall general fitness levels.

In addition to fitness, our physical education program engages students in various team sports. Students participate in basketball, football, soccer and baseball and also non-traditional games such as capture the flag, powerball, Tchoukball, yoshi, badminton, matball and 10-pin knockdown.

Beginning in Fifth Grade, students have the opportunity to participate in Schechter’s after school team sports program, which includes Volleyball, Floor Hockey (YMSSA), Basketball (BTBL) and Indoor Soccer (YMSSA).
"Our success is not measured by wins and losses, but rather the effort, hard work and dedication our athletes and coaches put in to play the game with honor and respect."

- Garry Schragenheim, Athletic Director
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