Schechter Experience

Living Jewish Values

Developing thoughtful, empathetic students who are secure in their knowledge as Jews and appreciate their responsibility to both the Jewish community and the greater world is an integral part of life as a Schechter student. From learning Torah trope and serving as a Shaliah Tzibbur (leading Tefillah) to bonding as a Binyan Buddy ("older sibling") or sharing details about a Tzedakah drive with classmates. Schechter students graduate with a love and appreciation for their heritage and an understanding that they have a role to play in improving the world.

Joyful Judaism

At Schechter we are committed to bringing joy and meaning to every aspect of our student’s Jewish education. The celebration of learning is cherished and championed with milestone events woven throughout the grades to highlight students’ accomplishments. Our families, grandparents and community rabbis join together for our first-grade Siddur ceremony, second-grade Humash ceremony and our third-grade Havdalah ceremony, collectively sharing in the nachat as our students grow as young Jewish people. 

Joyful Judaism is woven throughout our students' experience whether they are reenacting stories from the Torah in costume, learning new Hebrew songs or arriving on Friday mornings to the sound of Israeli music — setting the mood for Shabbat. Throughout the week students hear stories of the weekly Torah portion and once a month, the whole Schechter Kehillah comes together to share in ReLiSH - Ruah Lifnei Shabbat; a gathering of singing, dancing and celebration to welcome in Shabbat. Tzedakah is collected, candles are lit and the joy of Shabbat permeates the building. 

The Hagim (Jewish holidays) are another source of joy and pride at Schechter. From holiday foods to traditional songs, the rhythm of the Jewish calendar moves us from celebration to celebration. Whether lighting candles together on Hanukkah, tasting fruits of Israel on Tu B’Shevat or marching in our Purim costume carnival, each holiday brings with it its own traditions and feelings; all of them contributing to the sense of joy that flows through the campus. Whether with music, dancing, singing, eating or praying; we look for any opportunity we can find to celebrate our middot (values) and minhagim (traditions) to make Judaism joyful. 

Israel Encounter

Schechter’s cultivation of Ahavat Yisrael (love of Israel) culminates with our annual Eighth-Grade Israel Encounter trip. Touring the country brings to life the sights and sounds that students have learned and heard throughout their years studying the land, the people and the ancient and modern texts. The trip is an opportunity to practice Hebrew acquired and to demonstrate middot learned by participating in Hesed projects, packing food for the hungry and visiting with elderly immigrants. This incredible journey affords our students a unique Kehillah-bonding experience during which they deepen their appreciation for the miracle of our Jewish homeland and develop a greater understanding of the complexities that surround her.
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