Schechter Experience

Knesset HaTalmidim (Student Leadership)

Knesset Ha'Talmidim

Middle School Knesset Ha'Talmidim (Student Government) is a source of pride within the community and it is through this program that elected students represent the student voice, gain authentic leadership experience, and participate in creating a caring school Kehillah by implementing social and middot based programming. Whether packing up goods to be donated, spearheading the ruach on Lag Ba’Omer field day, or raising funds for an event, the student leaders of the Knesset work on behalf of their peers to enrich the Schechter Experience from a student perspective.
"It is so important that all 5-8 Kehillot students see themselves as integral pieces to the overall Middle School Kehillah. As our students work to engage in organizing ruach, activities, hesed projects, fundraisers and other Kehillah-building programming, they are building essential leadership and organization skills that will help them become future Jewish leaders within our community and beyond. Every year, the amazing leadership team for Knesset Ha'Talmidim sets this tone for the student body. There's no better way for students to learn leadership than learning from each other."

- Yoni Shear, Middle School Judaic Studies Teacher
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