ReLiShRuah Lifnai Shabbat

Loud and Proud

ReLiSh (Ruah Lifnai Shabbat) is our very own pre-Shabbat “pep rally”, which brings our entire school together to welcome Shabbat with singing, dancing, lighting candles and collecting tzedakah to create a feeling of kehillah (community) and ruah (spirit).

Our programming features storytellers, musicians, and various Jewish entertainers. Through livestreaming, we are able to share the Schechter “magic” beyond our walls with working parents, out-of-town grandparents and local community organizations, most notably, area nursing homes.

What our Parents and Grandparents say about ReLiSh

ReLiSh enables me to participate in my kids’ lives, even when I can’t get out of the office to watch events in person.”
“This is a great way for me to watch my grandchildren at school.”
“As one of the full time working moms, I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am that you implemented this. I watched from my phone at work and was able to snap screen shots that I can discuss and experience with my son.”

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