Middle School (IB) @ Schechter

The International Baccalaureate (IB) @ Schechter

IB Mission Statement

The International Baccalaureate® aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment.

Real-Life Answers to “So What?” Questions

800x600_0000s_0001_middle-school-ib-page_ib-design-cycle-photoSSDS is an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, a concept-driven framework that puts students at the center of their learning, and promotes global awareness and higher-level critical thinking with a curriculum that focuses on real-world relevance. The IB encourages students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right

IB has been adopted by some 4,500 schools around the world through a rigorous authorization process, and is changing the way our students learn and our teachers teach. Schechter is the first Jewish day school to take the IB framework
and customize it for a uniquely Jewish experience, helping students connect their Jewish learning to the world around them and turn their learning into action.
The IB works hand in hand with our Jewish value of Tikkun Olam – repairing the world, focusing on 10 attributes of our students, who are:

We enjoy learning by asking questions and searching for answers.

We try to learn as much as we can to be able to change ourselves and the world.

We think critically, creatively, and ethically.

We communicate confidently, creatively, and in more than one language. We listen to others.

We act with a sense of right and wrong, and respect for every person.

We work to understand our history and culture, as well as the histories and cultures of people from other backgrounds.

We care about others and act to make the world better.

We try things even though they may seem new and difficult.

We try to use our thoughts, feelings, and bodies in the best ways. We know that we need other people’s help to be our best, happiest selves.

We try to understand our strengths and weaknesses, and think about the world around us.
Because we are a Jewish day school, we added an 11th attribute:

Rodef shalom
We seek to bring peace and harmony to the world around us.

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