Differentiated Learning

800x600a_0000_differentiated-learning_2We believe that all children should have the opportunity to be part of our community of learners and that it is our responsibility to do all that we are capable of to make that happen.

With this in mind, our approach to differentiated learning is inspired by each child’s perspective, strengths, and learning style.

Our teachers differentiate instruction in every classroom to make learning accessible to all students. In Middle School, Judaic Studies courses and Math are “tracked” to enable us to differentiate the curriculum and embed support within our classrooms. In Lower School, enrichment opportunities in General and Judaic Studies are provided within the classroom setting, as well as pullout math enrichment in grades 3-5, and a after-school math team for grades 4 and 5 that competes in both regional and state-wide competitions.

Working in and out of the classroom, teachers and learning specialists, who are dedicated by grade in both General and Judaic Studies, continuously evaluate academic milestones for each child to assess if the current level of support in place is appropriate. Our learning specialists are guided by the principle of providing the least restrictive, most positive learning environment for our students.

800x600a_0001_differentiated-learning_1We provide small group (or individual) remediated learning opportunities and skill-based instruction for children whose learning needs may not be able to be met with full classroom instruction, such as Orton-Gillingham reading groups, Hebrew reading groups, writing, and multi-sensory math skill groups.

These are put in place to help students develop strategies to overcome academic challenges as well as to help close any learning gaps. An established referral process enables teachers to raise concerns in consultation with principals and our director of special services. We partner with parents to develop a support plan if needed with the learning specialist who supports the child’s grade. For students with diagnosed learning disabilities or challenges, we use evaluations and diagnostic criteria to help guide instruction and remediation. We also work with the Child Study Team through our New Milford School District as an option for neuro-psychological testing to which our families are legally entitled.