Benefits of a Dual-Language Curriculum

Hebrew language is a vital part of our curriculum from age 3 to grade 8.

800x600a_0000_30In fact, wherever you go throughout our building, you can hear Hebrew being spoken, Hebrew songs being sung, and Israeli music playing. Our goal at Schechter is to make the Hebrew language a natural part of our students’ lives.
We see Hebrew, not only as a tool to access Jewish texts, old and new, but as vital bridge to our identity as Jews and connection with Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael. By graduating generations of students with a strong love of Hebrew and knowledge of the language we also demonstrate a commitment to a core set of values that include a joyful connection to Judaism and to the State of Israel.

Why a dual-language curriculum?

Studies show that students enrolled in dual-language programs consistently achieve at levels similar or higher than their peers in single-language programs in reading and math. Students in dual-language programs also demonstrate a greater capacity for listening, think more creatively and analytically, and develop stronger communication skills.

They are also better prepared to engage in a global society that values multiculturalism and bilingualism. They develop a range of life skills such as time management, organization, and problem-solving.

How do we cover the curriculum offered in public school?

The key is interdisciplinary learning, which helps students develop multiple skills across multiple subjects. For example, the same critical thinking skills students develop to analyze rabbinic texts are also applied in the study of Shakespeare and other challenging secular texts.