Welcome Message From Head of School

Welcome to SSDS Bergen. Our school is built on four pillars that, when taken together, help prepare our children for high school, college and beyond. 

We are committed to World Class Academics – We believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give children today is learning how to learn. In a world where lifelong learning will be the essential skill, we place an emphasis on helping our children create knowledge and ideas through an inquiry process that sparks the desire and passion to continually learn and explore. 

Joyful Judaism is essentially the reason the school was founded over forty years ago. We are a people and a religion. Both are essential. As Jews, we are bound by a shared fate – our history and stories, and a shared destiny – a connection to our common purpose in this world. Our heritage, our destiny, are uniquely ours as part of the Jewish family. It is not to be learned as a purely academic subject, but through meaningful Torah study and living Judaism through Mitzvot [good deeds] and celebrations, Only through authentic experiences and engaging study can our children embrace Judaism as joyful and as theirs to love and live. 

A Strong Moral Compass is the essential tool every Jew needs to fully actualize our purpose on this earth. It is not only one of our primary roles – to make this world more fully whole, in today’s world we also need that compass more than ever for ourselves. In a world where algorithms attempt to influence how and what we think, want and value, it is more crucial than ever to know who we are and to be centered through our values and beliefs to remain sacred individuals. 

This all takes place in our Warm and Inclusive Community where it is safe to be honest, take risks, ask questions, and grow – all the while being supported and nurtured by a loving and supportive staff. 

You can be confident that your children will acquire the essential skills they need to live a purposeful and meaningful Jewish life and are prepared for a world that is ever-changing economically, socially, and politically. In addition, children engage in authentic learning experiences. The challenges we face in our world today and for the foreseeable future are complex with economic, ethical, and environmental implications. Students at SSDS Bergen explore creatively, solve problems critically, practice collaborating, and communicate effectively while learning how they learn. These essential skills help them adapt throughout their lives to succeed in the world they will inherit. Our graduates are ready to take on the real challenges of life and are ready for their exciting and global future. 

SSDS Bergen is open and welcoming to children from every Jewish affiliation, for we are committed to preserving our Jewish people through a rich and meaningful Jewish education while embracing an authentic, hands-on, modern general education. In support of this mission, SSDS provides academic and financial support to our families. 

I am honored and privileged to invite you to explore SSDS’s website. However, nothing equals that which is gained by a visit to our beautiful campus. We invite you to see our school and to witness first-hand the dynamic and exciting educational experiences that take place here each and every day. 

We know, that once you visit, you too will realize that an SSDS education and experience is second to none. 

Steve Freedman, Head of School