Welcome Message From Head of School

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“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.”

Torah means when it instructs man to “obey God,” Schechter students are constantly encouraged to stretch the limits of their curiosity, expand their imaginations, and, connect globally as they they strive to deepen their knowledge.

Inquiry is the act of seeking information by questioning. We believe that it is a cornerstone of achieving academic excellence.

The legendary Nobel laureate physicist I.I. Rabi often related the following story: When his classmates used to come home from school, their mothers would invariably ask them, “What did you learn today?” However, when Rabi walked through the door each afternoon, his mother instead wanted to know, “Son, did you ask any really good questions today?”

2015-16-1st-day-of-school_2We’d like to think that I.I. Rabi would have felt at home in our academically rich and nurturing Schechter environment. It is a place where truly amazing things take place on a daily basis in our classrooms. Intellectual connections are made — and mental light bulbs are suddenly switched on. We invite you to visit and to share in the excitement as our students experience the unique thrills of discovery along with the singular joys of Jewish living.

Ruth Gafni, Head of School