With Love from AHAVA – The SSDS Parents’ Association

Our parents are among our school’s most important resources. This army of volunteers carries “word of mouth” into the greater community to current prospective parents; donating their man- and woman-power, enthusiasm, and tireless dedication to school projects and programs that cannot be staffed by professional staff and faculty. AHAVA is our very own welcome-wagon, our diplomatic corps, cheerleading squad, and project managers all rolled up into one.

There are many ways to get involved throughout the school year; and there is something to fit everyone’s time, interests, & talents.
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2019-20 AHAVA Executive Board


Jonathan Apter
Chelsea Gleis
Sarit Perry


Catherine Brown


Heather Rabinowitz

Immediate Past Presidents

Sarah Nanus
Caryn Shaw


Ariella Adika
Samantha Asulin
Merav Brown
Inbal Gould
Shepard Grinker
Valery Harrar
Arlene Saphier-Horowitz
Simmy Kustanowitz
Jaide Massin
Arielle Greenbaum Saposh
Sandra Shakun
Haya Torgovicky
Tammy Ween


AHAVA Program Chairs

Communications/Newsletter – Marc Melzer

AHAVAReads Book Club – Toby Schonberg

Art to Remember – Caryn Shaw

Box Tops – Shiri Milgram

Lunch Volunteer Coordinator – Merav Brown

Hesed committee – Betsy Zvulun

Schecter Spirit Apparel – Lauren Crane, Kfir Weinraub

School Supplies – Caryn Shaw

New Student Buddy Picnic – Amy Kontorovich, Arielle Friedman, Maria Sobolev

AHAVA Welcome-Back Reception – Jonathan Apter,Chelsea Gleis, Sarit Perry

Lulav and Etrog Sale – Jaide Massin, Leah Zaretsky

Middle School Sukkah Event – Toby Schonberg, Caryn Shaw

Early Childhood Family Gathering – Inbal Gould

Moms’ Night Out – Ariella Adika, Shlomit Davies, Amy Igel, Ronit Sandomirski, Sandra Shakun

Dads’ Night Out – Josh Gleis

SSDS Book Fair – Samantha Asulin, Janet Wanderman

AHAVA Family Havdalah – Simmy Kustanowitz, Yoni Saposh

Mishloah Manot – Stephanie Brandt, Rebecca Kirsch, Gabi Schwartzbard

Lorraine Eras z”l Purim Seudah – Lauren Gross, Valery Harar, Beatrice Tokayer

Purim Carnival – Ariella Adika, Shlomit Davies, Haya Torgovicky

Bike With AHAVA – Shepard Grinker, Zach Kahn

Yom Ha’atzmaut Family Celebration – Merav Brown, Jessie Fink, Hava Greenfest, Jessica Olcha

AHAVA Thank-You Reception – Sarit Perry

Faculty Luncheon – Sarah Nanus, Brandi Rubin

First-Grade Siddur Ceremony – Rachel Wainer Apter, Batsheva Daskal, Shelly Holtzer, Inbar Srulevich

Second-Grade Humash Ceremony – Jaide Massin, Sandra Shakun, Carey White

Third-Grade Havdalah Ceremony – Catherine Brown, Merav Brown, Tammy Ween