SSDS Shabbaton Application 2019

Event: March 15-16, 2019
Location: Congregation Beth Sholom


  • Parent Contact Information

  • Allergy Information

  • Home Hospitality - Friend Requests

    Indicate in the box below up to four classmates with whom you'd like to stay on Friday night, March 15, 2019. We will do our best to accommodate at least one of your requests, but we cannot guarantee it.
    Please click the boxes above if you are interested in leading a part of services, reading Torah, or helping out in other ways during the Shabbaton.
  • Medical Information

    To Parent: If your child has any medication that s/he must take over Shabbat, please complete the following section. Your child is responsible for taking his/her medication, however, if you would like medication to be administered please contact Rabbi Liben at
  • Emergency Authorization

    In the event of a medical, surgical, and/or public emergency during which I cannot be reached, I understand that every reasonable action - including calling 911 and securing medical treatment - will be taken on behalf of my child(ren).

  • Emergency Information

  • SSDS Code of Conduct

    All participants on the Shabbaton are responsible for their own conduct and must be willing to abide by the rules and behavioral guidelines established for the program in order to participate. These specific guidelines are (but not limited to):

    1. Students will carefully listen to all directions and follow them immediately and to the best of their ability. This includes instructions given both prior to, and during the Shabbaton.

    2. Students will follow a modified SSDS dress code. For Friday night and Shabbat morning at services and in synagogue, boys are required to wear collared shirts and long pants, either slacks or khakis (no jeans, cargo pants or shorts). In addition, boys are required to have a kippa at all times, as caps are often considered inappropriate and disrespectful in synagogue. Girls are required to have a skirt/dress of appropriate length and they must also fully cover the shoulders (no tank tops, sleeveless shirts or cap sleeves). Shirts must reach skirts (no exposed mid-sections). After lunch on Shabbat day, students may change into appropriate casual attire. (Students bring their belongings with them to synagogue on Shabbat morning.)

    3. Phone Usage: Students will be allowed to use cell phones only before and after Shabbat. Cell phones will be turned off before students leave for synagogue on Friday night and will remain off until after Shabbat. Cell phones must remain in host homes on Friday night. Cell phones must remain off and stored in student belongings on Shabbat day.

    4. Students will follow the laws of the United States, including the laws of New Jersey. Any incident of theft, property damage, underage drinking, smoking, or possession/use of drugs will result in immediate dismissal from the Shabbaton.

    5. The observance of Shabbat will be followed as per the standards of Conservative Judaism as accepted by the Solomon Schechter Day School.

    6. Students will stay with a group at all times. Individuals or groups of students that depart from a group without permission may be sent home.

    7. Students are expected to participate fully in all planned activities. Disruptive, anti-social, disobedient behavior will not be accepted.

    8. If an SSDS staff member determines that a student has acted in a disruptive, anti-social or disobedient manner, the student may be asked to take a "time-out." During a "time-out," the student will not be able to participate in any programming. If the student continues to behave in a manner which is disruptive to the group's functioning, the student may be dismissed from the program entirely.

    I understand that the Shabbaton is a community experience and that I and my child will be required to follow all rules and participate fully in all activities. I agree to abide by and support the policies and guidelines set forth.

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  • Price: $75.00
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