Parent Testimonials


brandi-and-jed-rubinWe both went to public school. We cannot say enough positive things about the combination of expertise and passion of the teachers at Schechter possesses, and the extraordinary and precious dynamic that is developed between students, parents, and teachers. They have spent the time and energy to understand who he is, what his interests are, and how best to motivate him. It is amazing for a parent to see this dynamic at work. It is beautiful. 

Brandi & Jed Rubin




renee-zeigerMy husband is Israeli, and I am American. We are amazed that we could find a place like Schechter where we are both comfortable – the perfect balance of Hebrew and English. We continue to reflect on how truly lucky our children have been to spend nine years at Schechter. While it is a significant financial commitment, we agree that it is well worth every penny! 

Renee & Moshe Abed



מצאתי זאת בסולומון שכטר . המרכזיות של ישראל בבית הספר שומרת עליהם מחוברים למדינה. ללימודי היהדות בבית הספר גוון מסורתי, פלורליסטי שיויוני פתוח ומכבד. הדגש הוא על היופי שבמורשת ובמסורת היהודית והישראלית. הילדים לומדים על השורשים שלהם, על ההיסטוריה, על המינהגים ועל התרבות היהודית. הם לומדים מהי נתינה, מהי דרך ארץ ומהי ערבות הדדית

anat-feinbergAs an Israeli raising children in America, I was looking for a program that offers some of the cultural experiences I had as a child – a “scent from home” that would evoke the memories from my children’s early childhood in Israel. I wanted to provide my children with an excellent academic program combined with the Jewish values, culture, heritage, religion, and tradition. I was looking for a school that offers a blend of the Israeli and American Jewish communities. I found that at Schechter. The Judaic studies are taught in an open, respectful, pluralistic and traditional way. The emphasis is on the beauty of our heritage and the Israeli and Jewish tradition. The children learn about their roots, customs, and the Jewish culture. They are taught derekh eretz (decency), the joy of giving to others, and what it means to be responsible for one another.

 Anat Levy Feinberg


harley-and-eli-ungerI grew up in a relatively secular home, and attended private boarding school; my husband went through the yeshiva system. Both of us have this image of Schechter’s teachers like those meticulous people that assemble model ships inside bottles – attentive to detail, intense focus, investment of time and energy.  However, the eighth grade Israel trip was the moment the miniature ship builder pulled the string and everything stood up at once. Our kids visited Israel several times in the past, so we didn’t harbor “life changing experience” expectations. We were proved wrong. Our kids came back effusive: about their friends, their community, their country, their people and overflowing with joy, gratitude, stories, and explanations. This trip was the perfect capstone to their growth at Schechter.

 Harley & Eli Ungar


I went to yeshiva; my wife came from a public-school background. When our three children graduated from Schechter, they each hit the ground running at a local Modern Orthodox high school – thanks to the phenomenal secular and Jewish academic preparation they received at Schechter. They not only placed into honors classes and enjoyed successful high school years, they put into practice the leadership skills and grit they learned at Schechter.

 Kevin Lemmer, alumni parent