Conservation and Personal Responsibility

800x600_0000s_0000_conservation-_-personal-responsibilty_photo-2The World is Mine to Care for − בשבילי נברא העולם

Conservation and Personal Responsibility through a Jewish Lens

Throughout the school year, students at Schechter explore the concept of personal responsibility as it relates to our core Jewish values of respect, appreciation, and preservation of our environment. As Jewish global citizens, students are encouraged to devise ways to help repair the world (Tikkun Olam) and leave a better planet for future generations through understanding the mitzvah (commandment) to preserve, reuse, and not be wasteful of our planet’s resources (Bal Tashit).

This concept is brought to life with an overnight, hands-on environmental experience in New Jersey’s 16,000-acre Stokes Forest, which gives students a front seat to nature and how it connects to Judaism and the world. Students traipse through fresh-water creeks to classify invertebrates, study fish ecology as part of their research on the food chain, learn about the water cycle, and apply the centuries-old process of calculating the Jewish calendar by charting the shapes of the moon – all interdisciplinary components of the sixth-grade environmental science and Judaic studies curriculum.

Our goal is to help students examine and question the choices they make in their daily lives, and how their eating and drinking habits, and the amount of waste they create impacts our world.